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All Saints and All Souls

  1. October 31st, All Hallow's Eve: The word Halloween comes from the Vigil Mass for All Saints (Hallows). Though the church currently does not have a Hallow's Eve (Vigil) Mass, the booklet, "All Hallow's Eve", has the prayers and readings from that Historical, and Ancient Mass that you can pray privately, along with customs and activities for the family. Practices center around recognizing and remembering the reality of Hell and how as Church Militant, we are to avoid it. Learn what Halloween really is, and teach your children, and everyone in your circles, the difference. It is important to know where these practices come from, and how the enemies of the Church try to disfigure the real beauty of this Holiday.
  2. November 1st, All Saints Day:  This day is set aside to officially honor the Church Triumphant (the Saints in Heaven). It is a Holy Day of Obligation (just like a Sunday). Practices center around calling upon our great Saints in aid. My favorite part of this day is chanting the Litany of the Saints. Pick up a copy of "All Saints Prayers and Devotions", and pray in a special way, calling upon our intercessors on this day we honor them.
  3. November 2nd, All Souls Day: The day set aside officially to pray for the Church Suffering (the souls in Purgatory). Practices center around praying for the souls in Purgatory, especially our loved ones. Start a Novena on October 24th, for the Holy Souls, and set up an Altar in your home dedicated to prayer for members of your family who may be in Purgatory.

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